3 Signs You Should Build Your Own Well Instead Of Sharing With Neighbors

Even though you might traditionally think of people having their own water wells, a lot of people share their wells with neighbors. In some cases, this can be a good situation, since it allows homeowners to take advantage of the benefits of water wells without having to pay for all of the installation and maintenance costs on their own. However, it's not always the best choice for everyone. These are a few signs that you should install your own well rather than sharing with your neighbors.

1. You Use a Lot of Water

Having multiple households using one well can put a lot of pressure on that one well. For smaller families who use an average amount of water, this often is not a big deal. If you and your family use a whole lot of water, however, such as if you have a lot of people living in your household or if you have a farm and use your water to water your crops and provide your livestock with drinking water, you might find that sharing a well will be difficult.

2. You Want to Sell Your Home Later On

If you are thinking about selling your home sometime in the future, you might want to be careful about getting involved in a shared well type of situation. A lot of buyers don't like the idea of sharing a well with neighbors that they do not know. Some lenders might not approve financing for a home with a shared well, particularly if there are more than just a couple of families sharing the well. If you would like for your home to be more appealing to future potential buyers and if you'd like to make it easier to sell, installing your own well can be the better choice.

3. You Don't Get Along Well With Your Neighbors

A shared well type of situation is only going to work out well if all of the people who are sharing the well are on the same page and are all willing to contribute their part. If you don't get along well with your neighbors or have your doubts about them paying for their part without a big hassle, you might feel more comfortable with an individual private well for your home.

As you can see, there are some situations in which sharing a well with your neighbors is not the best idea. Before choosing to get involved in this type of situation, you may want to do your research and weigh out the pros and cons to ensure that you are happy with your decision. To learn more about wells, visit https://www.watersystemscouncil.org